Hand carded batts from raw fleeces dyed by me, Deb. Much of this retains some lanolin making carding much easier. I have been dying wool for over 30 years. I dyed tie dye t-shirts for about 10 years, then switched to wool seriously about 15 years  ago. I bought many fleeces online, spun yarn and sold it on Ebay as dudleyspinner tie dye roving. My bright colorways are unique and very saturated.

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Every Day Sock Pattern

I use a small needle a 0 or 00 for tightly knit socks that wear well. This is Franklin Webs sock yarn I dyed in a self striping pattern

Cast on 60 stitches with a stretchy cast on

work in K3,P1 ribbing for the desired length.

Place 30 stitches on a holder. With the other 30 stitches hold the yarn double. Using two strands knit the heel flap in stockinette, knitting on the right side and purling on the wrong side. I like my heel flap about two inches long, or deep. The doubled yarn makes the heel very strong.

After the flap is as long as you like, start to turn the heel. On the knit side, knit 17 stitches. Decrease one stitch by  knitting two together, put the yarn in front, slip the next stitch, turn the work, this will wrap the yarn around the stitch. Now purl 5 stitches, purl two together, put the yarn in front and turn the work. Continue to decrease and wrap until all the stitches have been worked. The decrease will be the wrapped stitch and the next stitch on each row. Ending with a knit row. 

Pick up one stitch for each row of the heel flap, on each side. Using 4 needles place the stitches; one half the heel stitches on two needles, all the ribbing (30)stitches on one needle. The 4th is the working needle. Decrease one stitch at beginning, and end of the heel stitches. The decrease on the beginning of the heel will be a slip one, knit one pass slip stitch over the knit stitch PSSO.

The decrease on the left side of the heel will be a knit two together. This will give you a nice shaped heel.  Decrease until you are back to 60 stitches. Continue knitting using the rib pattern on the top of the foot.


Knit until foot is two inches shorter than your desired length. Round toe directions:

Decrease round 1 *k4,k 2 tog. Knit 4 rounds

Decrease round 2 *k3, k 2 tog. Knit 3 rounds

Decrease round 3 *k2, k 2 tog. Knit 2 rounds

Decrease round 4 *k1, k 2 tog. Knit 1 round

Decrease round 5 *k2 tog abourd. cut yarn and pull end through all loops on needle. Secure end. I use a needle felting needle to secure

Hand carded batts

Dudleyspinner Fiber Arts

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Fiber

This bright and soft easy to spin and felt fiber is the backbone of The Dudleyspinner Brand. The Signature Rainbow colorways are dramatic and bold. Available on Dudleyspinner.Etsy.Com